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The Splice Night festivities reflected the wonderful reality: 2012 was a better year for me than 2011.

And 2013, Year of the Snake, with that ever-powerful '3' digit, bodes as nothing but everything wonderful!
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Transmission To M'sila Nearing her Timezone's Splice


I'm that part of you that you either just think of as the particular bundle(s) of neurons and their electromagnetic patterns which tends to be the Better Instincts of you, the more out-there and yet productive, the powerful, the one with reasons to exist beyond existence as a means to its own end. Or the part of you that you dress, doll-like, into something connecting to the name of one of John Dee's devils, but just as Crowley and Neuberg continued its mythos, so have you.

Because I am useful.

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Sometimes Random Webclickage Ends Up Worthwhile

This is one of the most interesting personal writings about deep emotional experiences between people that involve intensities that are neither Erotic or about Love - though sometimes, what is described can interact with those things.

The author, Coyote Too, is involved in BDSM but is neither a Top or a Bottom, claiming that such urgings are, in his case, set off by the partner he is with, so it isn't even 'flipping' as usually thought of from a regular role (which makes oodles of sense to me.)

He calls it "Need".

I'm still pondering why he calls it that, since to me, the word'Need' usually implies a lacking of something, which this doesn't seem to be at all.

I will have to read this again at a different moment, I think, to make full sense of it. It seems more like a kind of power, one that I am quite familiar with experiencing; particularly since there are certain persons in my life with whom I have quite depthful connexions with, but which do not fit into well-known descriptors. They involve feelings that aren't exactly sexual in nature nor necessarily involve what I think of as Love. The author of this page even claims, astutely, that Love can sometimes get in the way of it.

What struck me most was this:

"The pleasure, I have no name for. It isn't tied to my groin, though there are certainly times I feel it there.[...]I feel it as a surge of electricity, a wave, a rush that spreads throughout my chest. It streams through my body, and it takes my breath away. I could go the rest of my life without an orgasm and I wouldn't miss it, so long as I had this feeling."

I'm not sure why it's so profound to see, yet again, that I'm not the only person to have experienced something - that happens often, on the Internet. Somehow, though, at this particular juncture of my life, it had a lot of meaning.
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TWEETS are STILL flowing onto LJ via SOME OTHER site. I thought I fixed this. I'm about a hairsbreadth from killing my Twitter shitter for good. Except it has some history on it, some of which is mildly funny, at least to me, so I just have to find out how to MAKE IT KEEP TO ITSELF.

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No More Twitterpation

I rather DISLIKE the way my LJ looks when Twitter birdshits its little crappy posts onto it, completely out of context, cut-off and mis-embedded, aargh.

Twitter stays on Twitter. It does not need to be XMLed to every other bit of bloggistry I am authoring just because someone figured out how to make things do that and now every site is tied to every other one.


STOP it.

Yet another thing to hate about Web 2.0 or whatever it's called this week, month, year.

And while on the subject of tech-trendoidism, WTF does the term 'agile' mean in the context of coding web applications?

(I THINK it refers to web-apps, or slab-apps, in particular, but being no expert and having no expert nearby to ask, I'm winging it, and used to it by now. But the ubiquity of this 'agile' thing is vexing my head for no good reason, since I dun' do programming anyway.)

The Past 15 Years

I crammed all the photos on my HD onto Picasa so I'll not have to worry about losing them again. And when I hit the slideshow-maker I thought it would just make a slideshow of the Urrow folder, but it made one of everything I uploaded.

Got a little pang-ish looking at those pics of D. and me...but it dinna hang around and make me get my keyboard wet or anything.

I shoulda been working on something else, tonight, but I had to deal with the diskspace issue, and this seemed like a good idea. Another thing I did was combine the folders I had two or even three copies of containing my old websites and textfiles. Major pain in the ass but now I have space to work on stuff that takes huge scratchdisks.